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Media Center

Welcome to SMS Media Center!


Media Center Personnel

Media Specialist - Patrice Toulson

Media Clerk - Jessica McVey


Hours of Operation

7:30 AM - 3:05 PM



Students may check out two books at a time and keep them up to two weeks. Books may be renewed if no one else has requested the book.  If the student has an overdue book from SMS, they can not check out a book until the book is brought back or paid for.  If the student has an overdue book from SPS or SES, they can only check out one book at at time.  If you lose a book, please pay for the book ASAP.



A fine notice will be sent home several times during the school year. Books are considered late after two weeks.  Students are encouraged to return books on time out of consideration for others. If a student has an overdue book, they will not be allowed to check out additional books.


Lost/Damaged Items

Books and technology items checked out to a student are his/her responsibility. Emanuel County policy states that lost or damaged items must be paid for.


Flexible Scheduling

The media center remains open throughout the day. Students may come at any time (with teacher permission) to exchange books.


Lexile Levels

Students' reading levels are based on several assessments - MAP testing, SRI and GA Milestones. Based on these reading levels, students are assigned a Lexile Range. This range is contains the levels of books that will provide optimum growth for the student. Our levels are color-coded to help students locate books in their level.

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